Suggest a Missionary

Basic Info

We need to know all you can tell us about each missionary your church or group supports. We will research, verify info, and contact them with any questions, so that we can respectfully support them in ways they actually want and need. We use our mobile app to make connections and provide simple ways to get involved so that all of us who aren’t on the field can truly be a part of what’s going on around the world. Please fill out this page once for each missionary.

We need to know what church you're from, so we can help people find the missionaries that you support.

Please add first and last names of the person or couple who is serving. Please do not add children's names for safety reasons.

Due to security concerns, some missionaries cannot text directly. They may prefer email or online connection. If unknown, please leave unchecked, and we'll follow up with them to be sure.

If you have a good photo for them please upload it here, otherwise we can always contact them if needed.

Service Details

This section will help supporters find the right profile, in case there are similar names.

What country are they serving in, if known?

What area of ministry or care do they serve in?

What organization do they serve with (if any)?

Connection Details

Instead of giving missionaries more to do managing ANOTHER profile, we’d rather help supporters find them on platforms they already use.

Please enter full profile URL or add what website this is from. Ex: "@somerandomperson on twitter"

Donation Details

If you have any information on how supporters can donate, we use simple secure payment systems to allow direct giving without any cost or extra work for missionaries.

If there are specific ways to give, such as "make the check out to", "click the dropdown, and select Africa Missions", "Add us to your Amazon Smile" you can share with us, it will help supporters donate in the specific ways that missionaries most need.

Please enter one item per line.

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