Q: What if more than one person suggests the same missionary from the same church or different churches?

A: Each time someone suggests a missionary, it is saved into our system separately. Then we compile all the information together along with our research to curate the most complete profile we can. Each church will have that profile linked to their listings. That way new information strengthens the profile without overwriting what someone else has been kind enough to suggest.

Q: Is my church on your list to use this service or do I have to add it?

A: Because we use Google maps technology, you will be able to find any church with a known address anywhere in the United States.

Q: I can’t find my church in the list. What gives?

A: The only way you may not find your church in the list is if you are a fairly new church, so Google doesn’t know about you yet or your name has changed recently. Google is typically very quick about updating their map data, so this shouldn’t be too long to wait. You can always report changes to your church information yourself via their help page here: Edit your business listing on Google Maps. If you are still experiencing issues finding your organization, please email us here to let us know: ryan@ripplemissions.com and we will look into it for you.

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